Unicorn Tears Facial Serum

Unicorn Tears Facial Serum


Unicorn Tears is an exquisite facial serum of organic rose hip seed oil and a proprietary blend of the finest perfumery-grade floral essential oils.  

Rose hip seed oil is a powerful skin healer filled with anti-oxidant Vitamin C and has been shown to reduce scarring by 40% over a period of 3 months with daily use.  Rosehip seed oil also softens fine lines on contact, so Unicorn Tears has both immediate and longterm benefits for the skin.  

Unicorn Tears has an AMAZING scent...a facial perfume, if you will...but these essential oils are also renowned for their youthifying, nourishing properties. The florals in our proprietary blend retail for upwards of $4,000 per pound, so this is truly a natural luxury product.  Wear it and bloom!

One capful of Unicorn Tears is a serving, apply at night to rejuvenate while you sleep.  Unicorn Tears is also an excellent primer for the skin.



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Ingredients: Organic rose hip seed oil, neroli, jasmine grandiflorum, Bulgarian rose absolute, carrot seed oil, clary sage, frankincense...& unicorn tears, of course!