Solar Power BB Cream Sunblock

Solar Power BB Cream Sunblock


Solar Power Tinted BB Cream is a 3-in-1 skin treatment.  

Facial serum meets 30 SPF sunblock, and a flawless, sheer foundation with a dewy finish.

Rich in anti-oxidant Vitamin C, rosehip seed oil has been proven to naturally heal the skin.  A test was done in the 1970's that showed scarring to reduce by 40% over a period of 3 months with daily use.  Rosehip seed oil also softens fine lines on contact with your first application, so the benefits are both immediate and long-term.

NOTE FROM THE FOUNDER: After much soul searching, I have decided to limit my BB cream production to just one shade, for now. The Louisiana climate is so different from Northern California, and manufacturing practices that worked beautifully before are not producing the flawless product I’m used to - there’s been so much trial & error! And I’m ok with that process, and I believe deeply in providing beautiful nourishing cosmetics for all skin tones, so this is a tough decision. But I simply can’t keep 10 versions of a perishable product in stock; it turns out that I have to build my market before I offer the product line. I did keep shade #3 in production…that’s my skin tone, and it makes sense to keep it in stock. If my clients want to pool resources and place a larger order - a minimum order is 10 units - I would be delighted to make a new batch of a different skin tone! Please message me on the website to discuss customized batches of BB cream. Meanwhile, we are building our Instagram and social media presence, and as we build our reach, within a year I hope to reintroduce our entire line of BB creams. Thank you for your support, attention, and love…that’s what it’s really all about. - Layla Musselwhite

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Ingredients: Organic rosehip seed oil, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, Bulgarian rosewater & absolute, aloe vera, organic beeswax & lecithin, Vitamin E, colloidal silver, grapefruit seed extract, glow