So...this seems obvious, but it turns out we gotta say these things....OF COURSE we don't test on animals!!!  How could we possibly....???  

This horrible, immoral, heartbreaking & antiquated practice belongs to the dark ages.  We DO test on OURSELVES & the fabulous women in our COMMUNITY...because we MAKE Savage Jenny for ourselves & the women in our community.  Boom.



Beeswax -  A wonderful substance secreted by worker honeybees.  Natural source waxes have a plethora of fine uses which include a solidifying medium for salves, an emulsifier for cosmetics, a hardener for polishes and balms, and many more applications.  Bees are our friends!

Castor Seed Oil -  A natural source oil fromCastor beans, this oil has been used in lipstick production for over 100 years. A hard and shiny oil found in most cosmetics that acts as a barrier agent and protective medium against harsh conditions and extremes.  Grandmas used to proscribe this oil for tummy ailments, and it’s very soothing to the skin and eyes.

Castor Seed Wax -  A naturally shiny wax derived from Castor beans; an excellent emulsifier and solidifying medium for salves and balms.

Carmine -  Dyes cause ADD in children and are very toxic, and at Savage Jenny we prioritize women’s health first. Accordingly, we use carmine, a natural source, bright red-pink colorant dating back to Cleopatra's era.  This ingredient is derived from dried beetles, so it’s not vegan, but it is the only way to get a true bright pink-red saturated color and a long lasting lip pigment without using dyes.

Coconut Oil -  This is a great edible oil for general moisturizing and serves as a protective layer, helping to retain the moisture in your skin.  It also acts as a mild oil suitable for those with inflamed and irritated skin, and those with skin sensitivities.

Vitamin E -  A wonderful anti-oxidant and natural preservative, vitamin E oil is one of the finest skin treats available.

Iron & Tin Oxides -  Naturally occurring inorganic pigments.   Compounds of iron and tin are derived directly from the earth in a color spectrum from yellow to black, and are used to safely and beautifully color cosmetics.

Mica -   A clear, transparent, highly reflective mineral.  Throughout the ages dating back to pre-historic times, fine powders of mica have been used for various purposes, including decoration.

Silica -  A white or colorless crystalline compound occurring abundantly as quartz, sand, flint, agate, and many other minerals.  It is used to treat immune deficiencies in homeopathy.

Titanium Dioxide- Derived from naturally occurring minerals such as rutile and limonite. The FDA lists Titanium Dioxide as one of the purest and most effective ingredients for sun protection.  Blocks UV rays A and C.

Zinc Oxide- Another naturally occurring sun protector , Zinc Oxide blocks UVB rays and is found in limestone and dolomites.  It is often used in ointments because of its antiseptic, anti-microbial properties, and soothes skin irritations such as acne and rosacea.  Some issues have been raised regarding nano-particle zinc – the particles were found to be small enough to enter the bloodstream in some cases - and for that reason Savage Jenny doesn’t use it!