Brow & Liner Trio

Brow & Liner Trio


Deep as the earth is deep, intense and richly saturated, these iron oxides come straight to you from the source   Rich black and chocolatey brown shades are your perfect, wear-all day eyeliner, and you’ll need a fine brush to apply.  Try layering a brilliant SJ pigment over the black & watch it sing!  Remember:  a little iron oxide goes a long way...a very long way, so make sure to tap off your brush before application because even a grain of this powerful product will make its mark!

Brunettes and darker skin tones will love the chocolate brown as a brow liner, while blondes & silver hair will want to line brows with the middle greyish-fawn brown shade - or use this one as a gorgeous neutral matte shadow.  Use a slightly thicker angled brush for brow application.

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Ingredients:  Mica, metal oxides, titanium dioxide, silica, glamour